MouseWait Disneyland PLATINUM App Reviews

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You need this app

Great app. It always updates me of things going on live at the moment in the parks and downtown. Its like Mickey is saying "hey we miss you when you coming back"

Great App

Best app to check before you decide to go yo Disneyland and while you are there. It has everything, and is always current and up to date with the goings on at Disneyland.

Needs work

The only thing I have to say is you need to work on Wait Times. The times are way off.

The best

Cant go wrong with this app!!!

Must have

A trip to the parks isnt complete without this app. It gives you wait time info and is quite informative of all things Disneyland, thanks to so many users sharing what they know. A great way to interact with others who love everything Disney.

Great planner!

Just loaded this and I love it! I can keep in touch while Im away and always know my blackout dates and hours of operation, plus which events have been closed. Amazing! Thank you!

The best

This is your one-stop app for EVERYTHING Disneyland. Packed with info and a fantastic real time forum that makes you feel like youre in the park. Fantastic and highly recommended!

Excellent Disneyland App!

Love this app. Theres so much more to it than wait times!

Needs a map

The only thing it doesnt have is a map of the park. But other than that, it is a pretty good app.

Really Useful!

This app has everything I need as a passholder to help make my visits go as smooth as possible. I feel like Im able to maximize my Disney experience by having this app as my personal cheat sheet and guide each time Im at the parks. Love the customizable options too!

Excellent Disneyland app

Covers all the bases without being information overload.

Awesome app

I use this app every time I go to Disneyland and California Adventure. It is very reliable and easy to use. I even check some days that I dont go just because.

Great app.

Great app. Lots of useful info. Dont go to the parks without it. chads018

Must have for Disney trip

This mean our trip so much better I only wish I found it sooner it made things easy to find its set up around 12 when and where to go advised us

Good solid trustworthy information.

This app (esp the Platinum version) is a good source of reliable information. The contributions of the Mouse Wait-ers are timely and detailed. The range of ages and interests give insight on the little-known aspects of either Disneyland, California Adventure, or the WDW parks. Though, mainly focusing on DL and DCA. Many of the MWers post reliable wait times to help visitors plan there day efficiently. The Lounge is a friendly social place to peruse posts related to the parks. It is a well-managed and very informative place for all things Disneyland/DCA.

Great App, Needs Design Improvements

I purchased this app when I got my annual pass to Disneyland. Where there was reception at the parks (very spotty at times in the park), the messy interface took a while to load. Its not very intuitive, and the further you scroll down in the dashboard, the more spammy it looks. Still, it was really helpful to have this app to navigate and plan our day trips to the very crowded park. You have to be somewhat methodical. I thought that with the purchase of the premium version, the design and user experience would improve. It didnt. Very messy, and I resort to this ONLY to look up the wait times. I wish I could do more with it, but Im not willing to tap on every "feature" to see if its a promotional button or an actual built-in tool. Ill give this app a four or even a five star once the developers give it a much needed facelift. And please, let the purchased version of the app truly be free of other unnecessary promos.

Liking it so far!!

Love listening to Disney radio, making me want to go back to Disneyland now!

A Disney Parks essential

Makes getting around the parks and making the most of your time easy!

It looked useful.......

We found the app very inaccurate on wait times and it frequently said fast passes were closed when they werent. Some rides closed temporarily but the app was not updated. We were at both parks for three days and after the first day I never looked at the app again.

Must Have for Pass Holders

Love that you can see how full the park is. Great for last minute trips when you can see the park is not too crowded. Must have for pass holders

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